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Want to Make Your Roof Tough as Nails? Here Are 3 Reasons Why EPDM is Excellent!

by Lily Carroll

Most roofs in Australia today are constructed of either tile or tin. Whilst they're quite different in terms of appearance and sometimes in terms of functionality, all roofs have one important thing in common: they must be properly protected. Roofing materials today are designed to be quite durable, but they're even more durable when you add a specialised roof coating. EPDM coatings are a popular way to protect roofs today, and here are three reasons you might want to consider it for your own roof. 

Lend Extra Life to your Roof 

One of the primary advantages of having an EPDM roof coating installed is the added longevity it provides. EPDM roof coatings can last for 40-50 years, but it does vary based on climate. This means that your roof can be completely protected from the environment -- without any damage or exposure -- for a very long time.

Depend on More Durability

EPDM roof coating offers considerable durability that can far outstrip that which an uncoated tile or tin roof couple provide. EPDM roof coating can fight environmental damage of virtually all types, including: 

  • Extreme Heat: EPDM coating can fight extreme heat, and the humidity that often comes along with it. This also aids in keeping the home cooler during the hottest months of the year.
  • Water: EPDM can repel water, sloughing it away from your roof as quickly as it hits. This is especially beneficial if you have a flat roof, as it can prevent ponding.
  • Ice: since EPDM is both extremely hard and highly flexible, it can resist damage from hail. In fact, the hail will often just bonce off the EPDM coating, leaving the roof completely unscathed.
  • Debris: one of the most common ways that roofs become damaged is debris. Whilst a storm is raging, it's quite common for debris like tree branches to hit roofs. With EPDM roof coating, this is less of a concern thanks to the extreme toughness. 

Count on Customisable Colours 

Most homeowners enjoy customising their home to their own standards -- and with EPDM roof coating, this personalisation can even extend to the roof. Whilst EPDM is made in just two colours, black and white, both can be painted to any colour desired. Generally, your roofing contractor will use acrylic or latex paint to customise your roof colour after cleaning and preparing the EPDM roof coating. However, be sure to speak with your contractor about the EPDM coating warranty (if you have one.) In some cases, altering the EPDM in any way, including painting, may invalidate the warranty. 

If you want to ensure a long life for your roof, EPDM roof coating might just be an excellent choice for you. Speak to your roofing contractor today to learn more about this roof coating.