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What to Know about Asbestos Roof Replacement

by Lily Carroll

If you have an inspection and find that there is asbestos in your roof, a roof replacement may be necessary. If this is the case, you may be confused and worried about the steps to this sort of removal and roof replacement process. Here are some things you should know about the asbestos roof replacement process so you are better prepared for the event.

Assessment and Inspection

The first step will be to perform an assessment and inspection of the roof. You may have already had this done, but this inspection and assessment is to determine a more in depth analysis of the asbestos content. They will also look at the roof structure to determine if it can maintain a replacement. Once this is determined, the contractor can start working on a plan to remove the asbestos and begin the preparation for the replacement to begin.

Prepping the Roof

There will be a step in the process where the roof needs to be prepared. This is to prepare for the asbestos removal as well as the asbestos roof replacement itself. Part of this step is to install guard rails for safety and to install other items, such as a pulley system for the roofing shingles to be raised to the roof area. There may be internal steps as well that would include preparing to repair any roof trusses that may be damaged and to handle insulation installation following the final steps of the roof replacement.

Roof Replacement

When you do arrive at the roof replacement step, you will have a lot of choices to make. This is the part of the process where you will choose the material you want for the new roof. You will also choose styles and colours if colour options apply. You will also choose flashing options, guttering, and other options that may apply to your roof style. Once you have made your choices, the contractor will begin the replacement. You will be told during this step how long the replacement will take and if you can remain in the home during the process.

If you have any questions regarding the roof replacement or the asbestos removal, contact your local contractor. They can help you with answers to questions about the entire process or with questions regarding pricing and scheduling. They can also help answer questions about permits and how to obtain them if they do not handle that themselves.