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How to Know When Your Roofing Need Repairs

by Lily Carroll

Roof repairs are delicate repairs in households. They need immediate action; otherwise, the situation will worsen, costing you more time and money to get the problems fixed.  There is no homeowner who wants to hear that their roof needs repairing.

To avoid having to invest in expensive repairs, you have to look out for early signs that could be an indication of a developing problem. Taking care of roof issues in a timely manner will save you from spending large sums of money in the future. Your roofing might need repairs if you notice any of the following:


It might be time to repair your roofing if you are experiencing leaks in most parts of your home. There is more danger associated with a leaking roof than just water all over your house. A leaky roof could lead to mould growth in the house, damaged ceilings and rotting frames.

Run-off issues resulting from clogs or debris in the gutters are a common cause of leaky roofs. The clogs cause stagnant water that leads to leaks and other issues. Leaky roofs can be prevented by checking your roof often to ensure the shingles are in a good state. Also, make sure you clear debris from your rooftop regularly.

Missing or Different-Looking Shingles

By-products of storms such as heavy rain, wind and flying branches can damage your roofing severely. Your roof might need an inspection if you happen to find shingles anywhere in your yard, especially after you had experienced a storm in your region. Missing shingles should never be ignored, as a leaky roofing will most probably follow.

Shingles should never look any different. They could be damaged if they appear to look different from how they looked when they were first installed on your roof. Signs of damaged shingles include curled shingles or cracked shingles that appear to have a different colour.

Peeling Paint

Water is a major cause of flaking paint on both the exterior and interior of a house. The layers of paint are detached and separated from the immediate surface once water penetrates through the coats. As a result, the paint starts bulging, cracking and peeling.

The source of the water causing all the paint damage could be coming from your roof.  However, various factors can make the paint on your house peel. Check out your roof to rule out the possibility of it causing any leakages.

Contact a roofer in your area to learn more about roof repair.