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4 Advantages of Prefabricated Timber Wall Frames

by Lily Carroll

Contractors use a range of different methods to construct walls during a home building or extension project. Some assemble walls at the site, whereas others bring prefabricated timber walls to the site so they can quickly construct the building. Here are four key reasons why contractors prefer to use prefabricated timber walls over other types of wall. 

1. Lower Costs

Timber wall frames are constructed off-site, using advanced technology. When they arrive at the construction site, they are ready to install. This method of construction reduces labour costs, which are a major part of the cost of any construction project.

In addition, manufacturing in an off-site environment allows the usage of timber stock to be optimised, leading to lower levels of wastage. The off-site environment also offers greater control over the frame engineering process, ensuring that each one is perfect and does not need to be replaced.

2. Higher Versatility

Timber wall frames allow much more flexibility in construction than other types of building materials. Almost all contractors are used to working with timber wall frames and they can draw on their experience to construct a wide range of building shapes and types. If last-minute changes need to be made on-site, constructors are able to make these changes quickly and efficiently.

Timber wall frames are easy to work with, particularly on construction sites that have little space available for the storage of wood logs. Timber walls are easy to transport to the site and easy for contractors to move around on the site. They can be used immediately, rather than needing to be stored until contractors have time to cut and prepare them.

3. Greater Strength

Prefabricated timber wall frames are strong enough to stand up to many decades of wear and tear. They provide a strong base to support many types of roof. If you want to construct your home to last with minimal maintenance, prefabricated timber walls are a good choice.

4. Attractive Appearance

Prefabricated timber wall frames come in a range of styles. If you plan to leave the wood exposed in your construction project, they are a great choice for ensuring that you end up with a building that looks great. With a natural timber appearance, they are an excellent choice for homes that exist in natural environments and rural neighbourhoods. In recent years, timber wall frames have become very popular due to their beautiful style.