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Why Painting Your Roof Is A Good Idea

by Lily Carroll

When building or renovating your house one of the last things you will probably think about is roof painting. It is a practice that is often either relegated until last or forgotten about entirely, which is a shame because it can provide quite a lot of benefits. Your roof, after all, does a lot of the work to keep your home safe from rain, hail, heat and even snow in some parts of Australia. Giving it the most amount of protection you can should definitely be a high priority. Here are three ways roof painting can help keep your roof looking better for longer.

Prevent Bacteria And Mould

If you have a solid covering of paint all over your roof, it is much harder for bacterial growths to get started, including mould. Often the entry point for mould is the roof because this is where the most amount of water will congregate after a rain shower, and if there are any spaces or gaps, then it is possible for mould to quickly take hold and spread to other areas of your home. Roof painting prevents this by not providing any porous entryways for mould to take root, and most of the time the paint itself is a very tough surface for the mould to grow on. 


While paint might not seem like the best insulator, it can have a noted effect on the overall temperature of your house. This, of course, depends on the type of paint and whether it is paired with a roof coating, as it always should be. But if you do it properly and choose the right colour, you can significantly reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home just by clever use of paint. Even just the type of paint can have a difference, with thicker roof painting working better.


If you are considering selling or renting your house, then you should want to maximise any and all potential ways of increasing your home's value. Even though roof painting does not cost a lot, it can raise the value of your home by an exponential amount compared to what it costs. That is because aesthetics play a big role in how people view homes and whether they feel new. Appearances matter when selling a property to potential investors, and one of the biggest and most obvious parts of your building is, of course, the roof, so it makes sense to paint it before putting it up for sale. 

Reach out to a professional who provides roof painting services for more information.