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Four Lesser Known Benefits Of Colorbond Roofing

by Lily Carroll

Colorbond roofing is a popular roofing material in Australia due to its durability, affordability and wide range of colours. However, there are other benefits of Colorbond roofing that are lesser-known and can be overlooked by homeowners.

Here are four other benefits of Colorbond roofing you may not have thought about.

1. Colorbond Roofing Has Fewer Leaks

While any building material can eventually develop leaks, Colorbond has a unique rolled-seam design which helps to minimise these issues when compared to alternative materials such as tiles. The high-quality paint used on Colorbond roofing makes the sheets more resistant to water leaks than other metal roofing products. In addition, the coating process creates a uniform coating throughout the sheet. This means that the roofing sheets are much less likely to develop rust spots, which are a common problem for roofs made with zincalume steel products.

2. Colorbond Roofing Can Help To Lower Heating And Cooling Costs

Heat transfer is one of the leading causes of temperature changes in our homes, which leads to increased heating and cooling costs. Colorbond roofs are highly reflective, so they help to reflect heat away from your home in summer, keeping it cooler for longer periods. In winter, they absorb more heat from the sun, helping to keep your home warmer for longer periods and reducing the need for heating systems.

3. Colorbond Roofing Offers Corrosion Resistance For Coastal Homes

Corrosion is a real problem for homeowners in coastal environments. The salty sea spray that blows over homes from the ocean can corrode metals and make them brittle. This can compromise the integrity of your roof and pose a risk to your family's safety. Colorbond is designed specifically with this in mind. The steel used in these roofs also has a protective layer of chromate conversion, which provides additional protection against rust. Additionally, the coating is resistant to harsh chemicals like acid rain and fertilisers so you won't have to worry about ruining your roof if you have a pool or plant flowers near your house.

4. You Can Paint Over Colorbond Roofing

While Colorbond roofing comes in a wide range of colours to suit any home or building design, you can also paint over it if you decide to change the look of your home down the track. If you paint over it with quality exterior paint, the roof will look just as good as it did when it was first installed without the need for any additional cleaning or treatment required by other types of roofing materials.

Besides being incredibly durable and aesthetically pleasing, Colorbond roofing offers several other benefits, including those listed above. For more information on the benefits of Colorbond roofing, chat with a professional today.