Roofing Ideas: Coloured Tiles, Rooftop Gardens, Hot Tubs and More

  • Four Lesser Known Benefits Of Colorbond Roofing

    14 April 2022

    Colorbond roofing is a popular roofing material in Australia due to its durability, affordability and wide range of colours. However, there are other benefits of Colorbond roofing that are lesser-known and can be overlooked by homeowners. Here are four other benefits of Colorbond roofing you may not have thought about. 1. Colorbond Roofing Has Fewer Leaks While any building material can eventually develop leaks, Colorbond has a unique rolled-seam design which helps to minimise these issues when compared to alternative materials such as tiles.

  • How Your Roof Can Get Damaged Without You Knowing About It

    29 October 2021

    When people hear or think about roof damage they often visualise entire sheet metal roofs being pulled off by hurricane-force winds or tiled roofs being caved in by large trees during a major storm. While these events do happen, they are very rare and the main focus of most roof repair companies is much smaller but more insidious than that. After all, if the damage to your roof is small enough, you may not even know it is there and it can fester and get worse.

  • Typical Roof Problems That May Need Repair

    28 June 2021

    Roofing is constructed from sturdy materials, and for much of the time, it endures the elements with little detrimental effect. However, at times it will require repairs. Here are several issues you may come across with your home. Flashing One of the major natural elements that can endanger roofing is rain. Thus, it needs to be tightly sealed and secure at every point. A particularly vulnerable area is the joints between a protruding element, such as a chimney or vent, and the roof.

  • Tiles and Metal: Roof Replacement Cladding Options

    28 June 2021

    Once you've decided to go ahead with a roof replacement, you need to select a cladding material. Two standard options are tiles and metal sheets, both of which are explained below. Tiles If you like a textured roof, you could consider tiles. They're typically made from concrete or terracotta in reds, oranges, greys and creams. The colour of a terracotta tile extends throughout, so it won't chip or flake. On the other hand, some concrete tiles can fade as they're covered in a paint layer.

  • Why Painting Your Roof Is A Good Idea

    18 March 2021

    When building or renovating your house one of the last things you will probably think about is roof painting. It is a practice that is often either relegated until last or forgotten about entirely, which is a shame because it can provide quite a lot of benefits. Your roof, after all, does a lot of the work to keep your home safe from rain, hail, heat and even snow in some parts of Australia.

  • Advantages of Roof Tiles for a Home

    29 January 2021

    When building or replacing a residential roof, you need to choose which cladding material to put in place. One possibility is tiling and its advantages are explained below. Profile Variety Tiles come in various profiles, shapes and designs to suit different architectural styles and roof pitches. You could install wave-shape tiles that overlap for a classic look. Other forms include shingles and modern angular tiles. Whether your home is heritage, cottage or contemporary, a harmonious profile is available.

  • Reasons to Consider a Gutter Replacement

    28 October 2020

    The gutters may not be the first or most interesting thing you notice when looking at your home's facade. However, this component is crucial to maintain the integrity of the building and to protect it from water damage. If your gutters are compromised, they might need to be replaced. Consider the following reasons for investing in gutter replacement. Overflowing Rainwater If rainwater cascades over the guttering when it rains, you might need to replace it, but it depends.

  • 5 Benefits of Installing Seamless Gutters in Your Home

    7 August 2020

    Guttering plays an important role in keeping your home safe from weather elements. If your gutters fail to function properly, they could end up damaging your roofing or your home's foundation. Poorly performing gutters can cause water to spill in your garden beds, drown plants, and cause soil erosion. When choosing the best gutters for your home, ensure you choose a product that will hold up under pressure and has a high carrying capacity.

  • 4 Advantages of Prefabricated Timber Wall Frames

    29 May 2020

    Contractors use a range of different methods to construct walls during a home building or extension project. Some assemble walls at the site, whereas others bring prefabricated timber walls to the site so they can quickly construct the building. Here are four key reasons why contractors prefer to use prefabricated timber walls over other types of wall.  1. Lower Costs Timber wall frames are constructed off-site, using advanced technology. When they arrive at the construction site, they are ready to install.

  • You Don't Need an Expert to Repair Your Damaged Plasterboards: Follow These 4 Simple Steps

    20 December 2019

    Because the current market has many products, it's easier to perform simple and economical repairs. There are many stores that have cheap home improvement products and supplies for your repair projects. Even plasterboard repair is now possible with simple methods. No matter where it is, follow these four simple steps to repair your damaged plasterboard:  Step 1: Finding Supplies The initial step in this process is finding plasterboard accessories and supplies.